I want to tell you about one sentence, which restricted my manner of dress for a very long time.
To be more specific, it actually was a question:
Are you a warm or a cold type?

There are so many magazines and websites where you can find your manner of dress or the best colors for your “type”.
I limited the colors I’ve worn so bad that it was harder and harder to go to a fruitful shopping-trip.
Whenever I saw something blue or grey which I really liked, there was a small bell in the depths of my brain that rang and reminded me of the article, which said “blue and grey are cold colors, for girls with blue eyes, light skin or blonde hair”.
Of course I didn’t bought this piece, even if it fitted me.

Now, a few years later, I’m so glad that I found out for myself that those articles and tips are just bullshit.
I really have to excuse myself for this term but it drives me crazy when I think about all these girls and women who still think that they are not allowed to wear determined colors.
Of course there are cold and warm types of people, but that doesn’t mean that the colors can’t be mixed.
Me, as a brown haired, green-brown eyed, olive skinned woman, I can say that I am the typical warm type.
Does it discourage me from wearing cold colors? Definitely not!
You know what happen when I wear brown? It just doesn’t look good. Not at all! What a surprise if I tell you that brown is a typical warm color.

So, what is it then, that show us our colors? The answer is TRY!
You have to try, try and try.

So, if you’re ready to find your perfect colors, just insert your e-mail address down here and you will get this and more other tips for dressing monthly!