Summer sale – and now? I love sales. Especially season sales. I love to dig between jeans, blouses, shirts and skirts just to finally find the needle in the haystack.

But I know that a lot of people fear those tons of clothes, people and numbers.
For me, the most common problem is that a lot of people don’t know how to search, particularly how to find a big deal or a bargain in these heaps of clothes.
I can tell you that I’ve also learned this little system after several times of price falling at the end of a season.

I think, the most important thing before going to a sale is to get to know what fits you.
You have to know exactly which colors, which garments  and which style fits perfect to you. You also have to know what you want and what you really like. If you don’t know already, go on my last post about the perfect match –> The perfect match

Buying a ridiculously cheap piece in sale and afterwards it was never worn? We all know that feeling. It get’s you frustrated.
So, imagine the situation of standing in the middle of your favorite store and all you can see are clearance products. Most of us know that in the middle of a sale there is no piece which is perfectly folded at the place where it belongs to be.
People are crazy finding the cheapest price so the clothes are everywhere. Mountains of jeans and dresses are a common picture during a sale.

I made a 5-step plan for myself at the beginning before going to sales so I was well prepared.
I would also love to show you guys this plan and at best, you will all cash in by it.

So for a weekly guide and some more tips, not only this one, just enter your e-mail address down here and be curious – it’s time to crash some sales!