As some of you may already know me from Instagram, I am a big fan of simple and uncomplicated Outfits. The meaning of simple for me is to combine a cool and coherent outfit with less pieces.

                Simplicity is the keynote
of all true elegance – Coco Chanel

Know I would like to show you a possibility for combining a simple but cool and coherent outfit.

I bought this fake leatherjacket on asos.By the way, this is one of my favourite online stores as you can find anything you need, especially when you look for something special. I didn’t found exactly the same jacket, but I found a quite similar one for you here.

For the leatherjacket, I added a black simple legging. You wonder, why I didn’t chose a jeans?
Leather or, in this case, fake leather is optically a pretty hard material. That is why I keep an eye on combining it with an optically simple and soft material, otherwise the outfit can easily look clumsy or just too much.
I chose the black legging just because I am not a big fad of too many colors in one outfit (except the colors are from the same color-group), but this is at the end just a matter of taste.

On top, I chose a white Levis Shirt. I know for sure, that there are a lot of black-fans out there, but I can say that you will never see me wearing an outfit including just one color. Those who know me a bit also know, that I am a big fan of white shirts with simple prints on it.

Appropriate to the shirt I am wearing my currently favorite sneakers, you can buy them  here. (By the way, I still don’t know why those are at the mens section). 😀

The sneakers are optically in the same material as the jacket, in this case, that’s not a problem, because the distance between the jacket and the sneakers are far enough. Furthermore you can see, that a good combination is not only a matter of the colors, it is also possible with the same materials.



All in one, you can see that an outfit including just three pieces can also make a “big impact”.


So, simpel is not always boring, as long as you play with different materials. 🙂